Full Service / Project Management

Whatever you want, we take over the planning and coordination of your entire project and carry it out with your suppliers or our homologated on-site partners and specialists. We coordinate the work processes, select and choose the most suitable products, program and install all of the devices and, of course, also train you in their use.

We specialize in Smart Home Installations and only work with the most developed and advanced technologies related to:

  • intuitive control of all relevant processes through touch panels, tablets, smart phones and ALEXA voice control
  • audio and video streaming
  • home cinema planning (ISF certified installer for AV projectors and TV calibrations/true color images as well as acoustic & sound optimization. Trained in L. A. and San Francisco)
  • IP & WIFI networks
  • efficiency of solar and conventional energy resources
  • advanced security systems (Property protection due to “virtual intelligence”. The system recognizes who is authorized and who has entered the property without authorization. Residents can move freely in- and outdoors; unauthorized persons will be recognized by the system and the occupants and the security service are informed long before intruders can notice it.)
  • plot protection
  • Conception and installation of rapidly amortizing solar systems


Apart from a particularly simple operation in 2D or 3D, we also provide voice recognition by Alexa for all house operations.


We are certified KNX Partner with Advanced Status


We provide high-quality audio and video streaming with intuitive operation anywhere in your house. Either from our server or any media-services provider.