It is of crucial importance for us to precisely know and understand the customer´s needs and to install the ideal overall solution for them.


25 years ago, it was the passion for perfect sound that motivated the founder of Smart Living, Heribert Pany, to enrich the market with perfect technical solutions. Since then, the audiophile has not only conquered the hearts of its discerning clientele with a constantly expanding selection of mediamagic products, but also provides a wide range of the latest entertainment and control technologies for sustainable and innovative solutions which are second to none.

SMART LIVING: Your appearance on the stage of entertainment technology has shaped the experience of music. Today, however, you offer an incredible range of services, including even comprehensive concepts of lifestyle related to smart living. How did your first successes come about?

HERIBERT PANY: We have developed our service portfolio step by step. My deep passion is music and that’s why we first founded the “Sound Company”, from which Smart Living developed. At the beginning, it was my goal to offer a perfect sound experience in every price segment. So, I intensively researched the best products in the respective price range and rigorously tested all of them to find the optimal configurations. However, the vision of the perfect sound does not end with the sale of a hi-fi system. The finalization of our service also includes the professional set-up and configuration of the devices in the customer’s property.

SMART LIVING: Do you think that the results were worth the high stakes?

HERIBERT PANY: Definitely! It will always be worthwhile to know exactly the needs of our customers, to satisfy them, or rather to do everything to exceed them. In addition, we ourselves benefit from every new challenge because it also expands our know-how and range of services – so our performance has increased and improved from project to project over the decades. By the way, we are also one of the first companies to offer a high quality multi-room connection solution. The possibility to listen to your favorite music (which is stored centrally) in every room and in high quality has delighted and still delights our customers.

SMART LIVING: The next big step was the home cinema, right?

HERIBERT PANY: Yes. A home theater system is a combination of products configured for the presentation of high-quality images and sound. Especially the optimal sound is very important here as well as it is the main source for the generation of emotions. As in the audio section, we not only looked for the best technical equipment, but also perfected the set-up and configuration on site.

SMART LIVING: Aren´t a lot of companies already offering on-site installation?

HERIBERT PANY: Of course, but the differences in the quality of the results are huge. We put a lot of brain power into this topic. Not only did we travel to Los Angeles continuously to complete solid training with the best teachers in their field, we were also certified by the Imaging Science Foundation as a sign of the best possible know-how in this area – which we are very proud of. Even I am amazed again and again by the difference in quality that can be achieved with our professional installation even with the flat screens and projectors of the best brands.

SMART LIVING: All of these steps led Smart Living to implement the “Smart House” more than 10 years ago.

HERIBERT PANY: Yes. A fascinating technological world in which all household appliances can be connected and all electronic devices can be easily controlled: audio and video devices, lighting, heating, air conditioning, shutters, curtains, doors and especially the security systems. There is a lot of technical know-how behind it , but ultimately you can operate everything with just one touchscreen that is very easy to use. If we take on a project, then we always design everything from the very start in cooperation with our customers or the responsible architects and implement it from the first to the last step.

SMART LIVING: You are also known for setting absolutely new standards in the individual and extensive conception of living and lifestyle. What does it mean?

HERIBERT PANY: This incredibly multifunctional range opens up completely new possibilities for our customers. You get more than just interior design, lighting design, accessories and a complete entertainment and control area at first hand at the highest quality level. The planning is also aligned and coordinated from the start, whereby even the most unusual wishes can be fulfilled.