Smart home installations not only provide more comfort, they also increase the market price of every property

August 7, 2020
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August 7, 2020 admin

All installations that convert a property into a Smart Home or Smart Real Estate not only provide plenty of amenities, but also increase the market value, so that a sale can generate much higher revenues. Retrofitting to appropriate devices does not have to be expensive.

Getting into the smart home is getting easier as the products become more user-friendly and offers can be found in every price range. You also no longer have to buy an expensive starter kit for the first installation, you can often use the existing router as a control center for the components (e.g. door or window contacts for alarm purposes or the investment in a smart heating thermostat, which already pays off significantly in the first winter).

Thus, the inhibition threshold just drops to try it out for yourself, and those who have positive experiences will soon want to “smartly” upgrade their entire home. At the latest with the third element, however, one wishes for all components to be operated uniformly. Therefore, if you do not want to have to start a different app on your phone for every smart home module, you should rely on a uniform platform from the outset.