Touch panels and capacitive touch switches – innovative in function and attractive in a personalized design

July 29, 2020
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July 29, 2020 admin

Most technical processes in our homes are today operated by remote control and smart phones as well as the already more innovative KNX capacitive touch switches and touch panels. A separate remote control for each device is neither up-to-date and economically (hardware in every room), nor does it work with more complex AV systems and home cinemas; moreover is it not convenient for blinds, heaters and air cons. As for the phone, you don’t really have it with you at home all the time, especially not in e. g. sauna or steam bath. When conventional light switches and dimmers are used on the walls and apart intercom and key pads for alarm system etc., an confusing unattractive type of “wall acne” quickly arises.

Up to date overall solutions consist of a mix including touch panels, smart phones or tablets. In combination with KNX capacitive touch switches, they meet all requirements. Mood lights are created, blinds, heating and intercoms (image and sound) are operated and music systems controlled.

SmartLiving uses selected KNX feelers that can be adapted to any color and material and moreover individually designed and personalized.