Smart Control stands for the easy and intuitive usability of a system – in this case your home. Even without training, the terminal device is intuitive and self-explanatory to use.

If you dream of operating the entire house technology from the sofa, our Smart Control system will fulfill your wishes and needs. Whatever is powered by electricity (lights, blinds, heating/air conditioning, audio/video systems, alarm, doors/windows/gates, intercom, sprinklers, etc.), thanks to intelligent integration and intelligent control, can be easily and conveniently operated from you by using self-explanatory touchscreens (e. g. touch Panels, Switches, Actuators, smartphone, tablets).


By Smart Automation we mean the processes programmed by us that take place in the background without your intervention. The latest home automation technologies provide you with ‘intelligent’ feedback and information by monitoring many aspects of your residence. For example, a smart home’s refrigerator may be able to catalogue its contents and order replacements as food is used up. A smart home even takes care of watering the plants or scares intruders off by means of light-controlled presence simulation before they can gain access. Automated climate control enables your thermostats and window shades/blinds to work together to improve energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling systems requirements by adjusting temperatures according to time of day or room usage.


Everything that needs more than one App to control is usually too great a challenge. We are experts in the integrated control of complex scenarios and specifically link certain “events” for you with a variety of different devices. This can be individualized to the extent that, depending on the person, a preferred lighting mood is activated when listening to the favorite music. Smart Integration is our very personal know-how in terms of planning and implementation, which relates to the perfect interaction of all technical components.


An optimal lighting concept is not only an essential part of the desired interior design, but also makes a decisive contribution to your personal well-being. The right choice of luminaries and their coordination to create the desired lighting moods is a challenge and crucial for the realization of your dream home. We create room atmospheres with the highest level of comfort and maximum energy efficiency that are easy to control and operate using Smart Control.


Security largely determines whether you feel safe and comfortable in the privacy of your home. Your security is our top priority and therefore we do not integrate just a simple alarm system that can warn you in the event of a break-in, but an all-round security system which also reliably reports you every technical incident, such as concerning e. g. gas and water supply or smoke and fire. It will be fully adapted to your needs and integrated into the building technology using Smart Integration. With cameras and virtual intelligence, we secure the entire property according to your individual requirements.


A unique concept for the installation of audio, video, seating and lighting equipment presents you with the perfect home theater experience in a new dimension. Needless to say, even a football afternoon or online gaming with a huge screen and the latest sound system is more fun. The appropriate lighting and comfortable seating ensure the right level of comfort, both of course also individually adjustable via your touchscreen. All this can be integrated into any environment, we ensure affordable top quality through our professional planning (by carefully selecting the right products and specialists for your project, we guarantee the best cost-benefit ratio according to the corresponding budget plan).


Listen to your favorite tunes from anywhere in your home, start watching a show in one room and continue it in another. Our VISONOS Multiroom System couples smart loudspeakers (wireless boxes), monitors and other devices, so that your entire collection of recorded audio and video as well as live content is available from keypads located throughout your home or wirelessly using your Apple or Android tablet or smart phone. With a fingertip or voice control you decide which music should be played on which loudspeaker in which room (also whether the same or different music can be heard in all rooms).