Innovative control system of your “smart home” using Alexa

July 29, 2020
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July 29, 2020 admin

An ongoing question: is it possible to control all functions of a “smart home” with the help of Alexa. The answer is yes. However, most providers rely on a few Alexa-compatible products that do not come from the range of leading manufacturers in the field of home technology (dimmers, boilers, cooling systems, security systems, etc.) and are not very popular with users.

The installations of SmartLiving use a much more innovative option, which includes absolute freedom of choice in terms of the selection of products and additionally ensures without exception to call up and control all functions using voice control.

For example, by still managing all processes and devices with KNX bus systems we operate a KNX-compatible home server that responds to all commands – on request using voice controlled devices (Alexa). By the way, all functions of your house can be represented graphically in 3D animation and processes such as e.g. temperature curves are automatically recorded and made visible over a longer period of time. Low-cost and easy to use!